30 April 2010

Iyer samayal

Thanks to Neha, I discovered a mami-mama who most helpfully demonstrate terrific south Indian, dare I say tam bram dishes on youtube.

22 April 2010

Clan Fire Place

A rather friendly and laid back colleague went on holiday with wife and two toddlers to a place in North Wales. Let us call him Charlie Evans. So Charlie went on holiday exactly last year with his family to llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogochuchaf in Anglesey.

Naturally, I was a bit confounded to find out. So I sat down across a coffee table sipping tea and spoke to him. Here is some bits of what we talked.

How do you say the name, Charlie?
I cannot pronounce it, I can only do the beginning and the end.

Is there a shorter name for it?
Yes, can’t remember it though. Something like llanfairgogogoch.

Why did you go there and what did you do there?
Visit a friend who had a Holiday caravan just down the road.

Do you have any pictures from there?
I have a picture of the train station sign on my phone. There is not a lot there. Just a train station, a few shops and a take away.Anglesey has some nice places though, if you are thinking of going.

They also have a website for tourism. As a semi-technical person, jolly good that domain names can take up to 63 letters! This is how to pronounce the name. Some thing like Clan fire...

15 April 2010