18 August 2005

Quick Choice

The last weekend activities consisted of clearing up the house of a lot of old papers, books, clothes and toys. In the event of either me or my sibling expressing a sentiment to preserve the aforesaid articles of childhood value, my mother frowned and a dispute followed. Most such disputes were settled when my mother threated to go and sit outside of the house, forcing us to make a choice between the garbage and herself.

06 August 2005

Disability and usability

Had been ill last week and bought a couple of medicines for relief. This included some throat drops, cough syrup and tetrapacked juices.

The throat drops were packed in some sturdy plastic armour. Twisting and tearing didn't help. Nor did biting. So one had to sit up, grope for sharp edged tools to carry out operation. Most unhelpful. Not something that can be done with eyes closed.

Let's see what of the cough syrup. It was Benadryl. As it is, the patient is a weak person. To add to that, the seal was hard to break off and took a lot of coercing with cutting edge technology like knife and scissor-tip. The fingers got completely bruised and cut. So after dealing with cold and cough, one has to use Boroplus to tend to one's injuries.

Yes, the tetrapacked juices were alright, but not the packaging of the accompanying straws. Not very amiable sort. Most reluctant to slip out of packaging even at the pointed end which could reputedly pierce. Therefore, one ended up drinking directly from the tetra pack. Result: The neighbouring ants and cockroaches also joined in the party.