31 March 2007

Mythbusting - Google

I found that adding birthday and anniversary reminders on Google left me giggling helplessly in pain at how terribly impossible it was!

Friends whose birthdays came after today (march 31) for which I wanted annual reminders, the calendar refused to add reminders for this year. Old events would not show up in search results as much as I try to change the dates!

And each time I tried making alterations, the year jumped ahead by one. Sigh! Was it a problem between the keyboard and chair or was the calendar temperamental?

Sometimes, the date control would not budge. Sat there like a stubborn donkey impassive to impatient lashes. Also, I realized that sometimes when I cleared search criterea, the date would not scroll. Then again, the same event was added twice for the same day, or the event date altered as it pleased!

Aha, so Google is not entirely bug free! Perhaps, they do need bandaid occasionally!

07 March 2007

The Curious And The Conspicuous

There is a blue headed (haired) person who showed up at work on Monday. He seemed to have made himself at home in the midst of the busiest team on the floor and engaged in lengthy conversations when he was not looking intensely at the monitor. I must confess that it kept me gaping in wonderment at the tall lanky youth with balding and brightly coloured patches of cranial growth zipping at lightning speeds up and down the hall sporting outfits of contrasting colours that by no means miss the eye.

Intrigued by the unknown reason for his presence, I determined to forage for information and get to the root of the matter. For this, I chose a person of certain influence in the team and a casual moment to go with. And while making small talk about the benefits of caffeine for productivity and pouring out several packets of sugar, I mentioned the new recruit. She said 'O, we need to introduce him to your team - I forgot about him'