04 February 2009

The story of the office plant

Imagine for a while, I could be an office plant.  I could sit on a pedestal - look pretty - be tended to - watered - pruned - left in the sunshine from time to time - admired - part of a corporate  -- peep at who is using facebook during meetings - overhear talk of who gets that position -  the next kill-the-competition plan <mm!>,  who has favours with who, hear what they really thought at the meeting <tsk tsk> - watch success parties of all sorts <uh oh> - watch who falls asleep at their desk  - myself nod off in the soft tap-tap of keyboards - avoid fake conversation with people <cackle!>  - not have to nod my head to unacceptableness <yeah>. Sigh. 

03 February 2009

Future Proof

Do software applications that perform forecasting and projections remind you of  crystal ball gazing?  

There are a number of consultants who use technology and sit down with their clients and can help them make decisions about current situations or problems. There are various methods to do make projections. There are a few objectives to be achieved. A few parameters are input and collective lives churned and analysed. Pictures emerge, and with them, ways to give meaningful interpretations. Above all there is the simple faith driving the interaction. 

Whether appeasing divinity or wallets, whatever the means,  the outcomes are always subject to aberrations in the behaviour of gods and humans and perhaps the rains. But not to worry, there is software to cope with even the weather!