29 April 2007

Christmas and New year decoration

Seems a bit late to put this up. But better than not at all. This little tree stayed on my desk for a month or two after christmas. I don't think that whoever did it was celebrating the year of the pig.

Initial Reading

In the project that we work in, people usually work in two-s. And the norm is to check in (submit) work with the initials of the pair. This is a snapshot of a random evening of work - checked in by my good friends Cenk and Tiest.

Meta meta ...

We are probably going overboard with logging bugs if there are defect reports like this one from my project

  • 'Defect tracking system throws exception at times e.g. I/O Disk error'
  • 'Cannot see bugs I just reported in the defect tracking system'

Hot air balloon floating past at seven thirty a.m.

Umbrella vending machine

What to eat before dessert

This is pudina rice - made from mint leaves, chillies, coconut, sauted onion, lightly fried cashew, vegetable kurma, squeezed lime, curd and pickle.

This was my Sunday afternoon and a drowsy sit-down on the sofa afterward.

09 April 2007

Toffee Wrapper Art

Biting into an eclair means that bits of it would always be stuck hopelessly to various parts of the teeth. I stand united with those who believe that any occasion of eating chocolate, past present or future, is a jolly good one. When I was in school and busy shedding one tooth here and one there, girls would bring along a packet of toffee containing sixty eclairs on their birthday to distribute in the class. I could not do that very often, because my birthday would always arrive during vacation or exam time. Anyway, I loved the eclair with its orange and dark brown wrapper (or was it golden?). It may have been the costliest toffee - it cost 50 paisa, I think. Among my other recollections of association with this toffee, is the various two dimensional creatures I would produce with the crackling wrapper. I made them yesterday to celebrate the joy of digging out toffee from my teeth with my fingernails.