08 December 2006

Mayatha Marivillida

Found this old malayalam song that I used to really like. We used to sing it in the bus on the way to our school picnics. St Josephites remember?

[ watch the video ]

06 December 2006

Work Terms

There are a few words and phrases that people use at work and they make me squirm. Used unthinkingly and usually meaningless. One wouldn't use that in casual conversations and besides, some don't sound very illogical.

You see, sometimes I would like to compare apples and oranges. And I don't want to touchbase with anyone, I'd get in touch with them. I'd love to whack them if they did a 'timeout' on me. If someone thinks we are going down a rabbithole, various thoughts of a dainty Alice or a storming March Hare come to mind. Here's some more terms - a strategic decision, this is Swami's favourite - paradigm shift!

Will add more.

Apparently, the BBC and I share similar opinions. Here, read.